To speak of “the photograph” would be to speak of its multiplicity and malleability.

Sabine T. Kriebel

pp.3-49 in Photography Theory, edited by James Elkins, published by Routledge, London. p.4

[…] a clear definition of intrinsic, universal qualities of a photograph would appear to be, at the very outset, hampered by its dependance on technological change.


Hello, my name is Simon, Simon Burrows.

I am a fine art photographer studying for an MA at Nottingham Trent University.

I am exploring the challenges of being a colour-blind photographer through the paradigm of the trace within photography. I am currently focusing on vision and how we perceive what we see. 

Building a relationship with the inhabitants of Pingelap (colour-blind island) I am examining the evidence of enhanced night vision within colour-blind individuals. The image “Flower Fly’s” is a simulacrum of how I see at night. The inhabitants of Pingelap weave intricate patterns in rugs in a darkened room using subtle differences of thread, to an individual with normal colour vision the rugs look like plain rugs. To a colour-blind individual though, the beautiful intricate pattern is revealed when viewed in the dark.